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The Making of a Global Disposable Workforce

A sea of change is underway in Canada as the country shifts away from traditional immigration towards a “rent a worker” policy all too prevalent around the globe. And it is taking place without public debate or official announcements.

How did this happen and what is being done by the people most affected? We are asking this question after recently attending the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Mexico and having worked on projects surrounding Canadian and International labour laws and immigration issues on over a half-dozen Canadian productions and a documentary to be completed in the fall.

November 2010, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: at a majestic conference centre in this tourist mecca on Mexico’s Pacific coast, the future of one seventh of the world’s population, the migrant workers, is being discussed at the government-supported GFMD. While not formally part of the UN process, this Forum is aimed at providing a venue for labour-receiving and labour-sending countries to trade strategies around instituting temporary labour migration programs.

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