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Montreal – October 23, 2013 – UFCW Canada Local 501 is pleased to welcome more than 60 agriculture workers at Novafruit in Montreal. Local 501 recently filed an application for certification under article 25 of the provincial labour code to represent the employees of the company, based in St-Paul-d’Abbotsford near Granby in Quebec. In a decision issued on October 17, 2013, UFCW Local 501 was awarded union certification by the Quebec Labour Relations Commission.

The new bargaining unit at this vegetable production operation located in the Montérégie region is comprised primarily of farm workers from Guatemala who contribute to the production of raspberries and 3 million strawberry plants every year, which are mainly sold in Québec (90%), but also in Ontario and in the New England States.

“We are happy and very proud to have the Novafruit workers join our great union and thank them for their trust. By adding their voices to ours, these new members are contributing to the strengthened vitality of our union, while being able to count on the solidarity and support of our local union’s 11,000 members at any given time,” says Local 501 Secretary-Treasurer Mario Délisle.

Un communiqué du Service des droits de la personne des TUAC Canada

Montréal – 23 octobre 2013 – La section locale 501 du syndicat des Travailleurs et travailleuses unis de l’alimentation et du commerce (TUAC 501), est très heureuse de souhaiter la bienvenue aux quelque 60 travailleurs et travailleuses de Novafruit. Le 10 septembre dernier, les TUAC 501 ont déposé une requête en vertu de l’article 25 du Code du travail pour représenter les salariés de cette entreprise implantée à St-Paul-d’Abbotsford près de Granby. Dans une décision rendue le 17 octobre 2013, la Commission des relations du travail du Québec a accordé l’accréditation syndicale aux TUAC 501.

La nouvelle unité syndicale de cette entreprise maraîchère de la Montérégie est majoritairement composée par des travailleurs agricoles venus du Guatemala qui contribuent à la production de framboises et de 3 millions de fraisiers annuellement, lesquels sont principalement vendus au Québec (90 %), mais aussi en Ontario et en Nouvelle-Angleterre.

« Nous sommes ravis et très fiers d’accueillir au sein de notre grande organisation les travailleurs et les travailleuses de Novafruit et nous les remercions de nous accorder leur confiance. En unissant leur voix à la nôtre, ces nouveaux membres contribuent à renforcer le dynamisme de notre syndicat en plus de pouvoir compter en tout temps sur la solidarité et le soutien des 11 000 membres de notre section locale », déclare Mario Délisle, secrétaire-trésorier des TUAC 501.


Canada urged to release migrants in endless detention

Canada urged to release migrants in endless detention | Toronto Star

What should Canada do with those migrants it cannot deport for a variety of reasons? Is indefinite detention the answer?

That’s the crux of a petition to the United Nations by migrant advocates who want hundreds of migrants currently held for immigration violations to be released.

Myrie: Jamaican workers owed an apology

Leamington mayor dealt with a serious issue in the wrong way

When Mayor John Paterson of Leamington told reporters a few weeks ago that harassment carried out by Jamaican migrant workers was like a “cancer” in his community, it got a lot of people angry. And rightly so.

When I called to ask him why he would say such a thing, he told me he did not use the word “cancer” (the word was used in a direct quote from him at the police services board in several media), but admits that he was angry that Jamaican migrant workers are harassing the women in the town to the point that he had to take the issue to his local police board.

Myrie: Jamaican workers owed an apology


New migrant workers campaign in Ontario

We are launching a new provincial campaign to ensure migrant workers have the same rights and benefits as all Ontarians. For too long Ontario’s laws have excluded migrant workers. This affects us all. It’s time to #MakeItRight. We are #InItTogether. 

Provincial Migrant Workers Campaign Launch: #MakeItRight #InItTogether