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Keep ill farmworker in Canada

from Justice 4 Migrant Workers

Hermelindo Gutierrez is a migrant farm worker from Mexico who fell ill
with kidney failure while working in Canada as part of the Seasonal
Agricultural Workers Program.

Deportation will mean that this husband and father of three young
children will not be able to afford the treatment and medication to
keep him alive. He is seeking refugee status in Canada. This petition
is in support of a Humanitarian and Compassionate application for the
Gutierrez family.

Sign the petition linked below.

Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW) is a volunteer driven political
non-profit collective comprised of committed activists from diverse
walks of life (including labour activists, educators, researchers,
students and youth of colour) based in Toronto, Ontario, and now in
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are engaged in this work
alongside our personal commitments and numerous social justice


Migrant workers first to be in union

Migrant workers at a Portage La Prairie farm are the first in Canada to sign a collective agreement.

“It’s the first contract for the migrant agricultural workers in Canada, which is significant, and it marks the recognition both from our legislature and labour board, that we want to be treating new immigrants and new Canadians equally,” said Robert Ziegler, president of United Food and Commercial Workers local 832.

See article in Winnipeg Free Press

‘To be here, I feel alive’; Cancer sufferer hoping to extend stay in Canada

A seasonal worker from Mexico with failing kidneys whose son was hit by
a van in St. Catharines is asking to stay in Canada on humanitarian and
compassionate grounds.

St. Catharines Standard – Ontario, CA