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A provincial government advisory body wants Alberta to remain the lone province to exempt farm workers

Advisory body urges province to leave farm workers exempt from health and safety laws


Canada’s Laws Fuel Migrant Worker Exploitation: Report

Toronto, Ontario, September 17, 2012 – Canada’s reliance on low-wage migrant workers with temporary immigration status is growing but our laws make them vulnerable to abuse, says a new report published by the Metcalf Foundation.

See Toronto Star article here

Migrant worker killed in eastern Ontario farm accident

Migrant worker killed in eastern Ontario farm accident – Ottawa – CBC News

The Agriculture Workers Alliance said the death of a migrant worker in an incident on an eastern Ontario farm on Monday is the 13th in the province this year.

The Ministry of Labour is investigating the death of the 38-year-old Mexican worker who was fatally injured at an orchard operation in Prince Edward County.

The worker was attaching a water tank to a tractor when the when the attachment fell, trapping him between it and the tractor. Efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.