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Protests in toronto respond to Ontario raids

Nearly 200 outraged community and labour activists rattled the fences of Rexdale Immigration Detention Centre on April 5, demanding the release of over 100 undocumented workers arrested during unprecedented immigration raids across southwestern Ontario.

Chanting ‘No One Is Illegal! Stop deporting people,’ ‘We didn’t cross the borders, the borders crossed us’ and ’Justice for migrant workers,’ teachers, lawyers and organizers from OSSTF D12, Parkdale Legal Community Services, Mujeres Al Frente, the Sikh Activist Network, the Good Jobs Coalition, CUPE, UFCW, CAW, OPSEU and many others joined family members and friends on Sunday morning. Organized by No One is Illegal-Toronto, Migrante Ontario and Justicia for Migrant Workers, the spirited action was in response to three separate but coordinated attacks against undocumented communities.

BASICS Free Community Newsletter: Protests in Toronto respond to Ontario immigration raids


non-status workers rounded up in Toronto

Emergency rallies, like this one last year, are being called over the weekend after ‘la migra’ style arrests of hundreds of migrant workers by the authorities in Ontario. (Photo:


Les droits des travailleurs agricoles ontariens demeurent violés

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TORONTO, le 2 avril 2009 – La violation des droits du travail et de la personne des travailleurs agricoles ontariens seront à nouveau en cause devant la Cour suprême du Canada, après que le plus haut tribunal du pays ait accepté de réexaminer une récente décision rendue par un tribunal inférieur ontarien qui avait jugé que l’interdiction actuelle de la province à l’endroit des syndicats agricoles est inconstitutionnelle.