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Les travailleurs migrants parleront d’une seule voix

Les travailleurs migrants parleront d’une seule voix

Application à la main-d’oeuvre du phénomène de la mondialisation, les
travailleurs migrants viennent de former une alliance dans l’espoir
d’un peu mieux faire entendre leur voix et défendre leurs droits.

L’Alliance internationale des migrants (AIM) a vu le jour en juin à
Hong Kong et dit représenter 118 associations d’immigrants, syndicats,
et autres regroupements de travailleurs migrants et de réfugiés
provenant d’au moins 25 pays. Quelques mois plus tard s’ouvrait la
section canadienne du mouvement, à laquelle appartiennent notamment: le
Centre des travailleurs et travailleuses immigrants de Montréal, le
Centre communautaire des femmes sud-asiatiques de Montréal et la
Coalition d’appui aux travailleurs et travailleuses agricoles.


The uncertain path of migrants

The uncertain path of migrants

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Canadian Supreme Court to Rule If Farmworkers Are Human Beings . . .

“Canadian Supreme Court to Rule If Farmworkers Are Human Beings . . . or ‘Disposable Tools'”

Human rights, including the right of workers to form trade unions, to strike, and to bargain collectively with employers, are universal and indivisible rights which inhere in all human beings by virtue of their humanity.

The Liberal Party government of the Canadian province of Ontario, however, is challenging this notion by calling on the Supreme Court of Canada to rule whether farmworkers are in fact human beings or part-time, precarious humans who abandon their humanity when they are working.

The Olvera family

Media for Social Change – CITIZENShift » Pathways To Your Plate

We set off for another day of unexpected
encounters. Driving down the country roads of Tlaxcala, North of
Apizaco, we headed to visit the Olvera family. We thought it would be
interesting to have a friendly visit with the wife and family of José
Guadalupe Olvera Rivera, a migrant agricultural worker who has been in
Québec for the past 6 years. Five of these years, he has
spent fighting for compensation after a workplace accident made him
incapable of doing the manual labor he had done for most of his life.

His story recounts a long and tedious legal battle following his accident. One day, while working in the field, he was hit by a tractor trailer and severely injured. Unable to perform his usual work, his employer announced that he was to be sent back to Mexico. Refusing
to leave without the compensation he felt he was entitled to, Olvera
has spent his time in a legal struggle against the Canadian government
and has not been able to return to Mexico. What was supposed to be a six-month temporary work stint has turned into a 6 year long nightmare.

Community Support Alert!!!

JUSTICIA:.: for Migrant Workers

Justicia for Migrant Workers is collaborating with UFCW to respond to the firings and repatriations of migrant workers at Rol-Land Farms who came to Canada through the “Low Skill Temporary Foreign Worker Program”

Workers were recruited from Mexico, Guatemala, Thailand and Jamaica and paid high recruitment and administrative fees in order to come to Canada to work through this program. Now they are being forced to go home without a cent back to their families for the holiday season.