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Migrant workers to get health-care boost from website

Migrant workers to get health-care boost from website –


Migrant workers seek better working conditions on farms

The Globe and Mail

Every year from 2003 to 2006, Jose Sicajau made the trek from Guatemala to Canada, working at a produce farm south of Montreal to earn money for his family back home.

One day, he and fellow migrant workers were building an irrigation system on the operation.

Mr. Sicajau says the owner, upset that they were doing the job incorrectly, hit a Mexican worker in the foot with an aluminum pole.

Migrant workers seek better working conditions on farms – The Globe and Mail

Why Temporary Foreign Workers Are Political Dynamite

Peter O’Neil’s Oct. 10 Vancouver Sun front-page story on 200 Chinese temporary workers being brought to B.C. to work in coal mines set off a storm and put the Clark government on the defensive. To many it looked like her jobs plan meant jobs for temporary Chinese miners. The number of temporary foreign workers in B.C. increased from 19,283 in 2002 to 69,955 in 2011. The number for Canada increased from 101,098 in 2002 to 300,211 in 2011.


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Federal reforms and the silence of abused migrant workers in Canada

On April 1, 2011, amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations came into effect, changing admission programs for legally recognized temporary foreign workers ―now the option preferred by the federal government over permanent immigration programs (see Figure 1). The reforms will ensure that only employers with a genuine job offer will be authorized to hire temporary foreign workers through a work permit. However, they do nothing to reduce the long-decried vulnerability of these workers.

Federal reforms and the silence of abused migrant workers in Canada

Chinese labourers told to pay to secure B.C. jobs: report

One of the Chinese companies developing underground coal mines in northeastern B.C. denounced on Thursday “unspeakable” tactics that are, according to a media report, being used to recruit Chinese labour to work in Canada.

HD Mining International spokeswoman Jody Shimkus was responding to a news report on the Tyee website that said Chinese miners are asked to pay $12,500 for the opportunity to work in Canadian projects.

Vancouver Sun: Firm slams worker recruitment tactics

Rabble TV: Canada’s exploitation of temporary foreign workers


Canada is abandoning the idea of building multicultural communities and getting into the business of exploiting temporary foreign workers. So what’s the beef ?