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Community groups shut out of Bill C-50 consultations

Immigration Minister Diane Finley held consultations on Bill C-50 yesterday and today at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Toronto.

“The consultations will focus on identifying critical occupational shortages, the role of immigration in responding to them, and any barriers to foreign credential accreditation,” wrote the Government in a July 3rd news release posted on their website. “They will help develop instructions to immigration officers on which applications are identified for priority processing, particularly in the federal skilled worker category.”



Petite victoire dans une lutte à finir pour l’équité au travail

Métro Montréal – Petite victoire dans une lutte à finir pour l’équité au travail

Après quatre années passées dans une camionnette de camping, le Centre
d’appui aux travailleurs migrants s’est installé hier dans un local
permanent, à Saint-Rémi, en Montérégie. Une première victoire pour
l’Alliance des travailleurs agricoles, à qui il reste cependant
beaucoup de chemin à parcourir avant d’obtenir une pleine
reconnaissance pour ses membres.

Farm workers relegated to second-class status: CCPA study

At the mercy of a complex and confusing system that exploits, threatens and silences them while putting their lives in danger.

Vancouver (23 June 2008) – A new study of farm work in British Columbia reveals systematic violations of employment standards and health and safety regulations, poor and often dangerous working conditions and dismal enforcement by B.C. government agencies.

Farm workers relegated to second-class status: CCPA study