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Migrant worker dies after being struck by lightning –

A 48-year-old Mexican migrant worker is dead after he was struck by a lightning that tore through Norfolk County, Ont., Wednesday evening.

Ezequiel Cervantes was working on a ginseng farm in Courtland, Ont., with eight other migrant workers when the lightning struck him, the OPP said.

Emergency crews discovered Cervantes without vital signs and rushed him to a London, Ont., hospital. He remained in critical condition until he was pronounced dead just after 5 p.m. on Thursday.



Sun News : Deadly year for migrant workers in farm-rich Southwestern Ontario

LONDON, ON — The lightning bolt that killed Ezequiel Cervantes-Nava was as clear a sign as any it’s been a cursed year for migrant farm workers in Southwestern Ontario.

The 48-year-old died Thursday after being struck by lightning in a Norfolk County ginseng field on Wednesday.

Sun News : Deadly year for migrant workers in farm-rich Southwestern Ontario

Report Card on the Protection of Migrant Workers to be presented to Premier of Ontario

Report Card on the Protection of Migrant Workers to be presented to Premier of Ontario at Annual Patio Party – Justice for Migrant Workers

Report Card on the Protection of Migrant Workers to be presented to
Premier of Ontario at Annual Patio Party

Who:  Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW)
What: Presenting Premier McGuinty with Report Card on the Province’s
Progress in Protecting the Rights Migrant Workers
Where: Annual Summer Party Patio (260 Richmond St West)
When: Wednesday August 15th, 2012 (5:30pm to 6:30 pm)

For Immediate Release

(Toronto)- Organizers with Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW) will be
presenting Premier Dalton McGuinty with a report card rating the
effectiveness of the Provincial Liberals in enshrining the rights of
migrant workers in Ontario. The report card, measuring access to
labour regimes, enforcement of migrant workers’ rights, and their
access to adequate housing, healthcare and services such as Coroner’s
Inquests, will be presented to the Premier at the Annual Fundraising
Patio party (260 Richmond St. West) at 6pm.

J4MW organizer Nicole Wall says “It has been a very difficult year for
migrant workers: hundreds of them lost work and were sent home because
of an early frost in the tender fruit and apple crops without any
compensation; over a dozen workers were killed so far in
workplace-related accidents, while many more have been injured or
maimed because of working conditions. In the face of these challenges,
we have seen an absence of legislation to ban exorbitant recruitment
and placement fees; the refusal of the province to allow collective
bargaining rights to agricultural workers; and their continued denial
of calls for an inquest into the death of any migrant worker, despite
ample evidence that doing so could provide much needed recommendations
to prevent future tragedies. The province has been akin to its federal
counterparts in shirking its responsibility to protect the rights of
some of our society’s most vulnerable.”

Please join us as we present this report card to the Premier and the
dozens of Liberal supporters who will gather tonight at this event. As
J4MW organizer Nicole Wall suggests,

“While Premier and his colleagues celebrate their accomplishments, we
encourage them to remember that the locally grown fruits and
vegetables that they will be enjoying over dinner were harvested and
picked by thousands of migrant workers. Good things grow because of
sweatshops in the fields across Ontario.”

Van crash kills farm worker

Van crash kills farm worker

For migrant workers, injury often means a one-way ticket home

After Eloid Drummond was hit by a car in Exeter, Ont., and suffered a dislocated shoulder, he was declared “AWOL” by his employer — and Canada — because he refused to quietly go home to Jamaica.

Unable to continue farm work, he was terminated from Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Program, and hence lost his social insurance card and health coverage for his injuries.–for-migrant-workers-injury-often-means-a-one-way-ticket-home