Quebec Superior court grants full union rights to agricultural migrant workers!

In a major victory for migrant workers, the Quebec Superior Court, asked to review a decision of the Quebec Labour Relations Board dating back to April 2010, has upheld the right for migrant workers to unionize.

The decision comes 3 years after the Quebec Superior Court received an appeal by Montreal area farmers relating to a decision of the Quebec Labour Relations Commission, in relation to the right to unionize of about 15 workers.

The initial case and union accreditation dates back to 2008.

On April 29th of 2011, the Supreme Court of Canada rejected full collective bargaining rights to agricultural workers under federal legislation, but seemed to indicate that provincial legislators have the power to decide.

It is now up to the Quebec government to review the labor code. The Quebec court states that this must be done in the next 12 months. When implemented this should mark the end of the long legal battle led by opponents of the right to unionize for farmworkers in Quebec.

Roberto Nieto



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