Justicia for Migrant Workers call for action on EI cuts

Dear J4MW network and allies

Over the last days we have sending information about the devastating and unjust news about recent Federal government’s announcement to eliminate Employment Insurance (EI) special parental, maternal and compassionate benefits for migrant workers starting on Dec 9th.

The Toronto Star has written both an editorial and a news item based on J4MW’s concerns over the recent elimination of Employment Insurance Benefits (maternity, parental and compassionate care). Special benefits are extremely important for migrant workers and their families because they provide income support to take care of new born babies, and ailing family members. We must fight against this tremendous injustice along with the workers and we need the support of all of you.

We need to keep the momentum!! Below there is a list of actions you can do to support this fight:

1) Spread the word! Re send this message. Circulate J4MW press release and Toronto Star articles among your friends and networks. Links below




2) Write a letter to the editor to express your outrage over how migrant workers are treated in Canada. In your letter you can highlight the following:

a. Your concerns over the cuts to EI special benefits for migrant workers and the impact that this will have on migrant workers and their families back home
b. Explain why you think this benefit should be restored and why migrant workers should be entitled to all benefits that Canadians receive.
c. Demand the benefits to be restored, not exempted
d. Emphasize that the solution is full inclusion and expansion of access to EI benefits for all workers rather than exempting migrant workers from EI deductions. This ‘solution’ will only further their exclusion and marginalization perpetuating a ‘second class’ citizens status.

*To get a letter to the editor published it should be no more than a 150 words. Emphasize one key point and send your letter in the next 36 hours.

3) Send the article to your Member of Provincial Parliament (MP) and ask them where do they stand on this issue and what steps will they take to restore EI benefits for migrant workers?

4) Take a picture and tweet it!

Migrant workers and community activists have been sending Diane Finley, Jason Kenney and their local MP’s photos and messages expressing their outrage over these cuts. Links to pictures and messages below

J4MW Twitter: https://twitter.com/j4mw
J4MW Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/justice4mw

5) Come out to our Vigil to on Tuesday December 18 th International Migrant Workers Day!
J4MW and allies are organizing a vigil on Tuesday December 18th International Day of Migrant Workers at the monument dedicated to the Chinese Railroad Workers in Toronto from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. This year’s vigil will highlight the litany of injustices experienced by migrant workers and the numerous forms of resistance that workers have undertaken against conditions under Canada’s migrant worker schemes.

Thank you for your support and engagement to fight for Justice for Migrant Workers!!


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