‘Remembering the Dead, Standing up for the Living’ March and Vigil to Commemorate the Hampstead Accident

J U S T I C E for Migrant Workers

Six months have passed since the tragic accident that killed eleven people near Hampstead, Ontario. Amongst the dead were 9 migrant chicken catchers from Peru. The impact of this accident has been felt across the hemisphere as families struggle to cope in the wake of this accident. To commemorate the sixth month anniversary, Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW) is organizing a March and Vigil entitled “Remembering the Dead, Standing up for the Living”. It will take place Sunday July 22, 2012 starting at noon.

Working with the survivors of the accident, the march and vigil is being organized to raise awareness of the thousands of migrant workers who have been injured, become or sick while working in Canada. 

The survivors of the crash, Javier and Juan, wish to break the invisibility not only of their situation but to raise the profile of the conditions faced by migrant workers across Canada. Their message is clear: Federal and Provincial laws designed to protect migrant workers don’t work! Fundamental steps need to be taken to ensure that migrant workers are treated with respect and dignity. Our demands are as follows:

  • Safe working conditions
  • Status upon arrival
  • No fees for work
  • Equal access to all entitlements
  • Modernize labour laws to reflect the realities of migrant workers
  • No repatriations and deportations

We are asking you to join us on Sunday July 22nd, please organize within your community by

  1. Organizing a group to attend the march
  2. Providing support either rides or financial to bring migrant workers to this event
  3. Demanding action to protect migrant workers from both provincial and federal politicians
  4. Sending a message of solidarity to the survivors and to the migrant workers who will participate in this event
  5. Endorsements from your organization
  6. Help us to spread the word in your networks and social media connections,
  7. For monetary contributions send cheque

Justicia for Migrant Workers
c/o Workers Action Centre
720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 223
Toronto, ON M5S 2T9, Canada

Fundraising letter for your local/community group***

Click here for more background:


Spanish Poster and Call Out


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