Pay less wage model unfair to migrant workers


Migrant workers deserve fairness. Recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program by the federal government permitting employers to pay migrant workers up to 15% less is unfair and misguided.

Allowing employers to fast track applications for migrant workers (from the current 12 weeks to just ten days) and paying workers less than the

average wage sends a message that the government believes migrant workers are not equal.

This is contrary to Canadian values. In law and in principle, Canada does not support wage discrimination based on race or country of origin.

These discriminatory changes will have a lasting impact on the economy and the country by creating a permanent underclass of temporary

workers. And that’s just not right.

Migrant workers coming into Canada must be treated with the same basic fairness and workplace protection as all other workers. Measures that pit workers against each other are not acceptable.

Poor government decisions will have long-lasting implications by driving down wages and working conditions for all.

It is time to tell the federal government and its ministers that these changes do not reflect Canadian values. Reverse the changes now.

reposted from CLC



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