Cheques (not) in the mail

Cheques (not) in the mail : The Ryerson Free Press

Migrant workers deported after wildcat strike

Tyler Roach

In late November 100, migrant farm workers began a wildcat strike in attempts to bring attention to the thousands of dollars of unpaid wages that are owed to them from their employer Ghesquiere Plants Ltd in Simcoe Ontario. These workers are owed between 1,000 and 6,000 dollars each by the company that employs the migrant labourers but after attempting to stage a strike have found themselves deported back to their home country.

Many of the farms workers had been on the farm for months and had begun the contract being paid in a timely fashion. But this soon changed and paycheques began arriving late and soon would not arrive at all. In the fall Ghesquiere began filing for protection from its creditors, receiving funding from Century Services, a financial services company, in order to make it through the next harvest.

The owners of the farm have avoided comment since the event but representatives from Century Services told media that “Sales haven’t materialized for the plants shipped to California,” adding that “We were told there was a shortage of berry plants, but there is an abundance of plants, so there are not the sales the company had anticipated.”


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