Precedent-setting UFCW Canada collective agreement for migrant agriculture workers reached in B.C.

Migrant farm workers at Abbotsford’s Sidhu & Sons Nursery, members of UFCW Canada Local 1518, are the latest to successfully negotiate a Collective Agreement with their employer.

The Sidhu & Sons workers are here under the federal government’s Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (CSAWP), and a unique feature of their new Collective Agreement is that it is specifically for the migrant agriculture workers at Sidhu & Sons, rather than the entire workforce.

“Because of UFCW Canada’s perseverance in the fight for justice and dignity for migrant agricultural workers, we have successfully achieved the first contract specifically for migrant farm workers,” said Ivan Limpright, President of UFCW Canada 1518.

“This did not come easy,” said Limpright. “While workers at Sidhu & Sons had long ago expressed interest in the union and joined the union, it took almost three years of hard work to get this agreement in place.”

“There were many challenges and hearings at the B.C. Labour Relations Board, and ultimately we were able to win a precedent-setting decision granting migrant agriculture workers bargaining recognition under the provincial labour code, and we finally concluded negotiations with a mediated settlement for the new Collective Agreement.”

Another Victory for Migrant Farm Workers


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