Jamaican Farm Workers Die in Canadian Work Related Accident

Jamaican Farm Workers Die in Canadian Work Related Accident –

Two Jamaican farm workers lost their lives on a farm in Ontario, Canada, Friday (September 10).

Chief Liaison Officer in the Jamaica Liaison Service (JLS) in Toronto, Larkland Stone, would only describe it as a “job-related accident” on the Filsinger Farm in the Owen Sound area of Ontario.

He said the names of the victims were being withheld, until officials from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Jamaica can notify their next of kin.

Mr. Stone added that the Canadian Ministry of Labour and police are conducting investigations, and the bodies have been removed to the morgue. Autopsies will be done on the bodies.

Jamaica’s Consul General to Toronto, Seth George Ramocan, has expressed shock at the sudden death of the Jamaican workers.

“We are very saddened by the untimely loss of our two Jamaican men. Our hearts go out to the families,” he said. He added that the Consulate General will monitor all the news and keep in close touch with the Jamaica Liaison Service.

The Jamaican Farm Work Programme began in Canada in 1964, and this year more than 6,000 Jamaicans were employed on over 300 Canadian farms.

Jamaica Information Service


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