What Do We Owe Our Guest Workers?

Debate rises over how to lower abuse, and whether to make staying easier.

By Tom Sandborn, Today, TheTyee.ca

The latest batch of more than 175,000 foreign temporary workers in Canada can expect to hear that message. It’s the deal. We get workers we need to make our economy function better. They get pay and a limited taste of life in a nation regularly voted one of the world’s best places to live.

Lately though, disagreement is growing over whether or not this social contract is fair or in need of reform.

The Harper government appears to consider it a problem that too many guest workers wish to stay. Government proposals have been floated that would make it tougher for those who enter Canada on temporary work permits to apply for permanent landed immigrant status.

But a recently released research paper by the Montreal-based Institute for Research on Public Policy focuses instead on evidence that temporary guest workers are too easily abused while in Canada.

The Tyee – What Do We Owe Our Guest Workers?


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