STOP McGuinty’s Plantation

Campaigns – Mcguinty’s Plantation

Ontario’s agricultural workers’ lack of rights directly impacts everyone in Ontario. Without being able to unionize, workers are being denied essential labor rights. They work extremely long hours, in unsafe and unhealthy conditions — the very same conditions under which the food we eat is being produced.

The Ontario provincial government has repeatedly denied Agricultural Workers the right to organize for the purpose of collective bargaining — a right that would go a long way in ensuring that they have legal protection in their workplace. One that would allow them to fight for the rights granted to the rest of us in Ontario.

But once again Dalton McGuinty, and his colleagues Peter Fonseca and Leona Dembrowski, have ignored international conventions, as well as national (Supreme Court of Canada), and provincial (Ontario Court of Appeal) decisions that state they are violating Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms by not allowing Agricultural Workers to organize. Why?

Because Dalton McGuinty cares for the interests of the farm lobby and does not care about the human rights of agricultural workers, or the well being of rest of us.


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