No one is illegal expresses outrage at MP Kenney receiving award

No One Is Illegal – Vancouver » Blog Archive » Press Release: NOII Outraged at Kenney Receiving “MP of the Year” Award

May 14, 2009, Vancouver – The anti-racist migrant justice organization No One Is Illegal is outraged at the awarding of “Best MP of the Year” to Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney by Macleans. Based on polling of MP’s, the Third Annual Parliamentarian of the Year was awarded to Conservative Calgary MP Jason Kenney on May 13 in Ottawa. According to Alex Mah of No One Is Illegal, “Minister Kenney is routinely called the Minister of Censorship and Deportation. Kenney was the one who decided that Canada would not participate in the 2009 Durban World Conference Against Racism. His controversial statements and racist attacks on immigrants are hardly worth awarding. In fact, we demand the opposite – Fire Jason Kenney!”

Over the past three months, Kenney has stated that Canada needs to get tough on immigrants who do not speak English or French. He has made inflammatory comments about Canada not being a hotel and that he will not tolerate immigrants not integrating into or embracing Canadian values.


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