MAY 6, 2009

OTTAWA –New Democrat Citizenship and Immigration Critic Olivia Chow called on the Immigration Minister to implement the recommendations tabled in the report on the Temporary Foreign Worker program by the Standing Committee on Citizenship.

“The committee has addressed several key problems with the Temporary Foreign Workers program, but the recommendations do not go far enough to protect the rights of vulnerable migrants,” said Chow.

Chow’s minority report recommends that basic rights, such as minimum wage, the right to collective bargaining, housing standards, and health and safety coverage must be extended to temporary foreign workers.

“Extending these rights to temporary foreign workers not only affects the workers themselves; it helps to build stronger families, stronger communities and a stronger Canadian economy,” said Chow.

The Temporary Foreign Worker program is a breeding ground for unscrupulous immigration consultants, recruiters, and corrupt agencies to prey on vulnerable individuals and families by cheating them out of money through false promises.
Instead of persecuting the victims, the government must crackdown on the perpetrators of these corrupt practices.

“Vulnerable workers need a voice. The government must take action immediately to stop the continued exploitation and rip-offs by these unscrupulous middle-people and abusive bosses,” said Chow.

Link to Report on Temporary Foreign Worker program:


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