Migrant worker’s family dies in car accident

Media for Social Change – CITIZENShift » Horrible news for José Olvera

The story of José Olvera is one that we have been following for some time. (See our previous posts on Olvera’s story, including our visit to his family, and thoughts on the situation of migrant.)

Sadly, his personal drama unfolded recently in a tragic way. Today he boarded plane back to Mexico, after over 6 years in Canada, some of them as a non-status person. He has not been back to his home country in all those years. Not seen his family. He has a legal case still in waiting, but I can only presume there is little chance of him wining it now. He may never be allowed back to Canada and he will be incapable of sustaining his family in Mexico.

The horrible news is that on the night of Wednesday, seven members of José’s family were involved in a car accident. They were traveling together in a minibus, on their way home from the nearest town, Tlaxco. In a curve the bus was hit by an oncoming trailer truck. The minibus rolled over and four of the seven family members were killed, this includes his sister. Three remain in intensive care; one of them is severely injured and might not survive.

I will be posting more on his story soon along with a podcast on his entire story. One article appeared in a local newspaper.


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