The Olvera family

Media for Social Change – CITIZENShift » Pathways To Your Plate

We set off for another day of unexpected
encounters. Driving down the country roads of Tlaxcala, North of
Apizaco, we headed to visit the Olvera family. We thought it would be
interesting to have a friendly visit with the wife and family of José
Guadalupe Olvera Rivera, a migrant agricultural worker who has been in
Québec for the past 6 years. Five of these years, he has
spent fighting for compensation after a workplace accident made him
incapable of doing the manual labor he had done for most of his life.

His story recounts a long and tedious legal battle following his accident. One day, while working in the field, he was hit by a tractor trailer and severely injured. Unable to perform his usual work, his employer announced that he was to be sent back to Mexico. Refusing
to leave without the compensation he felt he was entitled to, Olvera
has spent his time in a legal struggle against the Canadian government
and has not been able to return to Mexico. What was supposed to be a six-month temporary work stint has turned into a 6 year long nightmare.


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